All-on-4 Implants in Newtown, PA

What are my options after losing most or all of my teeth?

All-On-4 dental implants can replace multiple missing teeth to enhance your smile, bite functionality, and overall confidence again. By using just 4 implants, your entire upper or lower set of teeth can be restored in just a single visit. This provides patients with a faster and more cost-effective tooth replacement solution. Unlike dentures, All-On-4 implants can grant you the gift of a permanent, natural-looking smile you deserve.

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All-On-4 implants are often a more cost-effective alternative to individual implants or dentures.

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How it works: The All-On-4 placement and restoration process


The Initial Consultation

To begin, your dentist will discuss your oral health needs and see if All-On-4 implants are the right fit for you. They’ll also perform a thorough exam of your mouth to make sure your jaw bone is healthy enough to support multiple implants. Together, you and your dentist will decide if All-On-4 implants will provide the care you need to restore your smile back to a strong, healthy state.

Preparatory Surgeries

Before placing the implants, a variety of initial surgeries may need to occur. For example, you may need to have any remaining teeth extracted, or require treatment such as bone ridge smoothing (alveoloplasty). No matter your needs, your dentist will outline and perform the appropriate treatments necessary to prepare your mouth for the All-On-4 implant placement.

Dental Implant Surgery

Once your mouth has been prepared, your dentist will begin the dental implant surgery procedure. First, they will create openings in your gum tissue and jaw bone. Your dentist will then surgically place 4 implants into the upper arch, lower arch, or both arches of the mouth. For most cases, 4 implants are placed at an angle in the front and back of your mouth to enhance their stability and strength.

All-On-4 Denture Placement

Now that your implants have been securely affixed, your All-On-4 denture will be permanently attached to the implants. Incisions will be sutured and your mouth will be cleaned to complete the procedure. At this time, your dentist will provide instructions to rest and recover for proper healing and aftercare.

Maintenance & Aftercare

As the implants begin to integrate into the jaw bone and heal, your dentist may require you to follow a soft diet for 8 weeks after the procedure. After the healing process is complete, simply practice healthy oral hygiene habits by flossing and brushing at least twice a day to keep your implants in great shape.

All-On-4 Implant Benefits

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Permanent Restoration

All-On-4 Implants provide a fixed, non-removable restoration for multiple missing teeth. Gone are the days of having to remove your dentures every night! Instead, you’ll just follow basic oral hygiene tactics to clean and maintain their form and function.

Protects Jaw Bone Health

Losing a tooth causes the underlying bone to deteriorate because it’s no longer stimulated by regular biting and chewing. This can result in changes to your appearance and a weaker jaw. Thanks to All-On-4, your dental implants will continue to stimulate your jaw bone, preserving its strength and preventing any changes in your facial structure.

Durable and Secure

Your All-On-4 dental implants are permanently attached to your jaw and will never move or shift in your mouth. With proper care, your All-On-4 implants can last for 20 years or more, making them extremely durable and reliable. These implants look and feel just like natural teeth, so you can chew, smile, and laugh with confidence again.

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Unlike your natural teeth, All-On-4 implants aren’t affected by tooth decay.

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Am I a good candidate for All-On-4 implants?

All-On-4 implants may be a suitable option If you have lost many of your natural teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay, or dental trauma. It is also important to note that a relatively healthy mouth and jaw are key for a successful All-On-4 operation. Contact your dentist today to schedule an appointment and see if All-On-4 implants are the right choice for you.

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Do All-On-4 implants look and feel like natural teeth?

Yes. Made of durable, quality materials, All-On-4 implants look and feel just like your natural smile, and seamlessly blend in with the rest of your surrounding teeth. All-On-4 implants allow you to laugh, smile, talk, and enjoy your favorite foods just as you would with a natural healthy smile. By continuing to treat your implants with care, you can prolong the look, feel, and function of your All-On-4’s for years to come.

How long do All-On-4 implants last?

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It is important to note that All-On-4 implants are made up of two separate elements: the implants and the permanently affixed denture. While All-On-4 implants can last a lifetime with good oral health, the denture may wear down over time. The All-On-4 dentures are made from durable materials but are still exposed to regular wear from chewing and biting. Over time, the denture will likely need to be replaced to keep your smile healthy, functional, and natural-looking.

Can All-On-4 implants be done in one day?

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Yes. In just one appointment, your dentist can remove all your remaining teeth, place the dental implants, and permanently bond your denture to the 4 implants. This is a much faster and cost-effective solution for many patients since traditional full-arch restorations can require 8 or more individual implants spanning over multiple visits.

After your All-On-4 implant procedure has finished, your dentist will guide you through the healing process, which usually lasts between 3-6 months. In order to ensure there is no movement that could disrupt the integration of the implants to the jaw bone, your dentist may require you to follow a soft diet for 8 weeks after the procedure. After your mouth has fully healed, care for your All-On-4 implants just as you would with your natural teeth. Simply practice healthy oral hygiene habits by flossing and brushing at least twice a day to maintain functional, healthy All-On-4 implants.

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All-On-4 implants can help you chew, bite, talk, and laugh just as you would with a natural smile.

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