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At Fingeret Dental, we’re passionate about smiles — but we’re even more passionate about our patients. We take the time to get to know you on a personal level because the best dentistry is done when you feel comfortable and understood. Our goal and our promise is to empower you to make the best decisions for your dental health. For us, that means that we’ll never try to sell you on a treatment or push you into procedures. We simply give you all of the details you need to make an informed decision, and the rest is up to you. We pride ourselves on patient-centered, patient-powered care.

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We’re a warm, welcoming, close-knit team of dental professionals. Each staff member takes a genuine interest in your and your smile, and we are all here to make your dental experience as enjoyable as possible. Is there something we can do to make you feel more comfortable during your appointment? Let us know!



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Meet Drs. Fingeret

Drs. Andrew Fingeret and Catherine West Fingeret aim to provide a true family dental experience.  They strive to ensure that a trip to the dentist can actually be enjoyable, taking great pride in their work and finding satisfaction in getting to know each and every one of their patients. Together, they stay current in all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry.

Andrew and Catherine met in 2004 at Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia.  After getting to know each other for a few years in school, both realized that they had more in common than just an interest in teeth.  They married shortly after graduating from Dental School in 2008.  They reside in Buckingham, and while not practicing dentistry, enjoy spending time with their daughters, Alyson and Jillian, and taking advantage of all that Bucks County has to offer.

Dr. Andrew Fingeret, is a Bucks County native, attended Neshaminy High School, graduated with a degree in Psychology from Penn State University, and continued on to earn his degree in Dental Medicine from Temple University School of Dentistry.

Dr. Catherine West Fingeret, is originally from Grayson, Georgia.  She attended Auburn University where she majored in Molecular Biology and minored in Criminology, before attending Temple University School of Dentistry where she earned her degree in Dental Medicine.

They truly love what they do, and agree, “Without our terrific patients attached to their teeth, our work would be pretty boring!”

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During your first appointment at Fingeret Dental, we’ll get to know you on a personal level and talk with you to learn more about your smile goals. Your doctor will take x-rays and perform an exam that will help us determine the health of your smile and all of your treatment options, if necessary. We will give you all the details so you can make an informed decision about your dental journey. If we don’t find any issues (yay — no cavity club!), we’ll simply schedule your next routine appointment in six months.

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At Fingeret Dental, we take pride in our community and show our gratitude by giving back time and talent. Relationships and connection are the heart of our practice, and it’s important to us that our care extends beyond the four walls of our office. We actively partner with the Philadelphia Music and Arts Festival, Pancreatic Cancer Network, and the PANDAS foundation.

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